"The Voice Of The Community"

What is S.EX.Y in Charlotte!?
S.EX.Y stands for Soulfully EXpressing Yourself I am challenging the way in which we view the word sexy. Currently, when I have asked people what they think the word sexy means, they offer descriptions and words such as lingerie, scantily clad models (with bodies they will never have), porn, “bedroom eyes”, or minimal clothing and having a “perfect” body. I heard nothing of what it was that people felt about themselves already. I rarely hear people speak of it being a mindset or the way in which they represent themselves in the world. And I almost NEVER hear the person I ask, that they themselves think they are sexy.

So I ask...what is wrong here? How is it that we have gotten to a place that sexy, from the sounds of it, is a bad word? A taboo word? A word that describes a slim minority instead of the vast majority or all-inclusive. And why is that it only seems to point to the word sex?

Well Sabrina, you might say, the root word IS sex, that’s why? And what does sex actually mean? Sex are our gender parts and not necessarily who we are. Sex is identified as intercourse. Sex is attainable or unobtainable, fun or scary, dirty or beautiful, whispered only in dark corners or revered as sacred. Isn’t that interesting...it seems quite subjective and all over the map.Let me offer my own definition.

I believe that sensual is the feelings we offer ourselves with our senses. Meaning the types of food we luxuriate in TASTING, the aromas and scents we blissfully inhale through SMELLING, the fabulous fabrics, clothing, and caresses we offer our sense of TOUCH, the beautiful melodies or harmonies in which we tease our HEARING, and the fantastic SIGHTS, decorations, and viewscapes we surround ourselves in. This is the pleasure we seek for ourselves. I then in turn, believe that sexual is what we offer the world. That is how we show up. How we represent our internalized sensuality into the externalized sexuality. It is how we interact and how we share our sensuality with others.

With that said, it truly could mean Soulfully EXpressing Yourself (S.EX.Y). This gives the word a whole new meaning and place in which we represent OURSELVES from. This is very personal to how we show up in life in EVERY aspect of our life.

Sex isn’t just intercourse or penis or vagina. It is who we identify with internally, how we enjoy or deny ourselves, and how we then show that to everyone else. It could be looked at as our identity. So now I ask. How are you S.EX.Y? What about you is S.EX.Y? And now how can I help you FEEL S.EX.Y and live S.EX.Y every moment of your life? In parenting, career, love and relationships, in business? There is so much more to be had, felt, and experienced. So let’s explore more with S.EX.Y in Charlotte! on how and where we can all get our sexy back!  Join me, every week for S.EX.Y in Charlotte! with Sabrina Rojek as your host for tips, pointers, places to go, people to meet, things to do, and ask all the questions you always wanted to ask but were too afraid or didn’t know where to turn. S.EX.Y in Charlotte! is the place for you!