"The Voice Of The Community"

My objective for my show is to raise awareness in all aspects of life 

My show will be non-judgmental but will be how I view life and I will be sharing my life experiences. 
I will also interview people that range from Artist to Every day working people. 
I want to be a peace or rather share my peace with the world. 

Kendra N. Wheeler
Owner of Journey Soap Bar
Host of " On this Journey " Radio Show
I graduated Keenan High School in 1993
I married my wonderful husband in 2001
I enjoy spending time with my family
I also enjoy creating and helping people 
Five years ago I found myself being allergic to everything , going to Dr after Dr. I ultimately decided that I had enough , I begin to create products that I wasn't allergic to , such as Goat Milk Soap, Body Butter and many other items that now help me and many others in our everyday life.
I get up every morning humbled and thankful because I'm able to help so many people through creating Body Butter,Lotions , Goat Milk Soap and so much more. 
These things are my passion my complete why in life, I get to do the very things in life that bring me the absolute most joy. 
I value being the very best I can in each day and my business allows me to do just that. I give all of me each and every day to my family, my business and I'm empowered by GOD ..... He's told me I can do this and that's what I do. 
My goals are to help everyone who wants to be helped . To reach the masses through my radio show and my business , to show the goodness of the Lord! If little old me and where I came from in life can be successful in the Lord , you can too! 

Journey Soap Bar 
Every Friday @5pm
@JourneySoapBar1 ( Facebook ) @journeysoapbar1 ( Instagram )