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“A Life Worth Living” Radio Show


“A Life Worth Living” Radio Show is the perfect way to get practical advice on how to live your best life.
Hosted by experienced entrepreneurs married couple, Minister Kenny and Samara Smith, the show
provides insight on how to make the most of your life and overcome any obstacles that stand in your
way. With a focus on self-care, personal growth, and resilience, the show will help you develop the skills
and strategies needed to make the most of your life. Each episode will provide you with actionable tips
and real-life applications to help you live your best life and remind you that your life is worth living.
Whether you’re looking for advice on how to build meaningful relationships, “A Life Worth Living” Radio
Show has you covered every Monday at 9pm EST on the Tune In App, Streema, Apple Music, or at
WDRBmedia.com and CLICK on the LISTEN LIVE logos. Tune in and start living your best life today!