"The Voice Of The Community"

Senior Pastors:

Matthew & Krystina Edwards

Our motto:

"Bringing Jesus back to the Centre"


We currently have 1 son, and have both been in ministry for just over 7 years. We believe that God is aggressively desiring to make Jesus the center of our city. 

Our vision and mission statement:

Our vision and mission statement: Placing Jesus at the centre of our Families, our Church, and our Community.

As a church, we exist solely to point the attention off of the sinner, and onto the Savior. Church was never meant to be a place where God's people felt condemned. It was designed to be a place where Gods people could learn to rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ. At Centre Church we believe the only way to be truly transformed, is to stop trying to transform yourself, and let the Holy Spirit do it through you. If we could transform ourselves, then Jesus didn't have to die for us. But because we couldn't, Jesus came qualified us through His death, for the life and love that we could never earn on our own.