"The Voice Of The Community"

Lastly, we seek to create a radio talk show that encompasses and exudes excellence and serves as a beacon of positive image.  We also intend on maintaining popularity and encourage participation and philanthropic giving to support and sustain the shows community outreach. 

The Everyday Royal Radio seeks to encourage development of new music appreciation amongst our listeners.  We want to promote cultural development and artistic expression. Similarity, our aim is to promote and celebrate culture, including language, music, art as well as his or hers heritage.  Notwithstanding, we will deliver a wide spectrum of programming that promotes expressions of opinion, public debate and creative dialog.

We will inspire a public media workforce that incorporates the diverse backgrounds, talents, and experiences of the overall Royal community. Our goal is to engage public media organizations to increase and assess the impact of the services they provide and help communities address the important social, economic and educational issues confronting our world today.

The Everyday Royal Radio seeks to serve the strengths of the community from a social, cultural, educational and financial perspective. The objective is to foster and encourage dialogue and engagement among members of the audience and the broader community.  Moreover, the program seeks to provide parents, caregivers, volunteers and students with innovative educational concepts to improve learning outcomes and positive role modeling.