"The Voice Of The Community"

O. R. Johnson is a wife, mother, published author, accomplished writer, success coach, keynote speaker, and radio host. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and uses her education and background in the business world to manage her companies; O. Johnson Ministries, B.O.Y. Publications, and Bet on Yourself Radio.

O.R. Johnson began her foray into the world of entrepreneurship in her early twenties and has successfully operated various businesses over the years before settling into her true passions: writing stories that entertain as well as inspire, and encouraging others to wake every day and bet on themselves. She has touched lives globally through both her writing and speaking platforms. 

O.R. Johnson started her journey into the coaching world while living abroad in Germany. Women from various walks of life sought her counsel to help them find healing in the midst of some of life’s most difficult situations. Realizing the need was outgrowing her time capacity, she began sharing her story through the pages of her first book. From there, her coaching career has grown in leaps and bounds. She now shares her secrets to success with women via exclusive retreats, one on one coaching sessions, and invitation only workshops. 

That first book, along with the success of her best selling legal thriller Adequate Counsel, pushed O. R. Johnson into a full time writing career. With fiction and nonfiction books under her belt as well as several completed screenplays, O. R. Johnson has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Using writing as a way to express herself creatively, O.R. Johnson is breaking down barriers by telling the stories that need to be heard in a way that ignites a fire for change. Remaining true to her passion to encourage others, O. R. Johnson launched her radio show Bet on Yourself in 2016, a show which aims to motivate and inspire aspiring, new, and long time entrepreneurs. 

When O. R. Johnson is not working, she enjoys spending time with her first loves: her husband and children.

"As He calls, I answer. As I answer, He transforms me"

O.R. Johnson